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At TIE School, our vision extends beyond traditional boundaries. We are ignited by a deep-seated passion: shaping the pioneers, leaders, and innovators of tomorrow. With the rapidly evolving global education landscape, our mission emerges as a beacon, bridging the gap between conventional education and indispensable future skills.
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Programs Exclusively for K-12 Students

Step into our realm where each program, specially curated for K-12 students, becomes a gateway to uncharted worlds of learning. From mastering the art of digital marketing, and undertaking groundbreaking entrepreneurial ventures, to sculpting sustainable futures with LEGO bricks – our programs are the torchbearers of innovation and leadership. Through a harmonious blend of interactive sessions, real-world projects, and guidance from industry mavens, we ensure that our students don’t just assimilate knowledge; they flourish, creating ripples of change.

K12 Educational & Admissions Consulting

Your child’s future is luminous, and we’re here to make it shine brighter. Dive into our reservoir of educational and admissions consulting. With us, it’s not just about getting your child into top schools; it’s about crafting trajectories that are both fulfilling and impactful. Our approach goes beyond conventional advisories; it’s about fostering holistic growth, facilitated through purpose-driven, real-world projects. These engagements not only amplify a student’s academic and extracurricular profile but also solidify their foundation for life’s myriad challenges.

Unparalleled Consulting for K12 Schools

Our commitment casts a wide net, encompassing not just individual learners but educational powerhouses – the schools. Recognizing the cardinal role of institutions in molding young minds, our consulting services are designed to be catalysts of transformation. We stand alongside schools, aiding them in recalibrating their curriculum, fine-tuning teacher expertise, and weaving in avant-garde technological interventions, all tuned to resonate with the requisites of a progressive future.

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Discover our universe, where we meticulously craft the pathfinders, change agents, and luminaries of the next generation.


Journey & Qualifications
Stepping beyond the traditional boundaries of an education consultant, Sam emerges as a paragon of innovation in global K-12 education, with a keen emphasis on instructional design. With dual master’s degrees in education and technology, he’s now amplifying his knowledge with a doctorate in Instructional Technology and Media at the renowned Columbia University. Furthermore, his pioneering research merges game dynamics and instructional design, setting a goal to elevate learner engagement and motivation.

Entrepreneurial Pursuits
In the entrepreneurial realm, Sam has made significant strides. He’s built solid collaborations with leading global education and technology firms across various continents. Moreover, at the core of his approach lies a commitment to human-centered and innovative curriculum design. Through this perspective, he meticulously crafts immersive learning experiences. His teaching avenues span areas such as Digital Marketing, Game Design, and Finance & Investment. In addition, he offers a comprehensive introduction to Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, specially designed for middle to high school students.

Curriculum Innovations
One of Sam’s hallmark achievements is his innovative curriculum design for the Institute for Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at Miss Porter’s School. Located in Connecticut, US, this all-girls boarding high school has seen the program flourish as its flagship offering under Sam’s guidance.

The MeetSpecs Initiative
On the horizon is Sam’s groundbreaking app, MeetSpecs. Designed as a connecting hub, it aims to link students and parents with top-tier mentors, educators rooted in instructional design, and forward-thinking schools. The alignment is based on distinct interests and profiles. Additionally, the platform hosts a myriad of educational and career-centric events, both online and globally.

Join Our Vision
Are you passionate about shaping the next wave of instructional design? We’re scouting for emerging leaders ready to make an imprint on our dynamic world. So, if delving into transformative opportunities, internships, or potential partnerships resonates with you, please touch base using the form below!

Sam Ahn
CEO, Ahn Instructional Design & Technology
Ed.D. candidate, Instructional Technology & Media, Columbia University
Ed.M Instructional Technology & Media, Columbia University
M.A. Computing in Education, Columbia University
B.A. Economics, UCLA

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