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Teen Impact Accelerator - Youth Global Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship Program

Empower your teen to transform their passions into tangible global solutions with our Teen Impact Accelerator. Designed around the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, this course not only educates but actively equips. Participants will journey through leadership, global citizenship, and more, culminating in real-world projects that can reshape the future. Ready to amplify their potential?

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K12 Digital Marketing & Branding Mastery with Virtual Internship

Unlock the digital world’s secrets for your child with our comprehensive course on Digital Marketing & Branding. From the basics of SEO to the latest in AR/VR trends, this program offers a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on virtual internship experiences. Equip them with the tools to navigate and master the digital landscape of the future. Curious to know more?

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K-12 Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Finance, Investment, and Entrepreneurship

Finance and entrepreneurship aren’t just for adults! Dive deep with our tailor-made course for K-12 students that bridges the gap between youthful curiosity and the foundational knowledge of finance, investment, and business strategies. Designed to empower, this course ensures your child steps confidently into tomorrow’s financial and entrepreneurial arenas. Intrigued by the possibilities?

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LEGO-based Sustainability and Global Program for Young Minds

Ignite your child’s imagination while anchoring them in a future-centric educational framework with our exclusive LEGO-based course. By constructing a vibrant LEGO city, young builders will explore sustainability, global citizenship, and the critical 6Cs essential for future leadership. An adventure in creativity and crucial skills awaits. Ready to embark?

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